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Helping organizations deliver the outcomes they desire takes great leadership.  Most of the problems facing healthcare organizations today isn’t the economy, or the healthcare bureaucracy or a host of other things that will always affect operations.  Leadership at all levels of the organization must be engaged and developed to not just perform, but excel.  If your leadership team is lacking in experience, desire, or motivation, we can help.  Mentoring is a great way to move your team forward while accomplishing predetermined goals.  Interim leadership is a more extensive solution when you need results, need to drive an organization to a new level, or need to financially turnaround a department or hospital.

Innovations in Healthcare offers interim leadership for your hospital and have never left an organization without it being fully staffed.  We don’t believe in a nursing shortage or other excuses why an organization doesn’t operate up to the highest level of nursing operations.  We don’t like being in second place, and we believe with great leadership, empowerment of the nursing staff and building a professional nursing team you will be the absolute leader in proving caring, efficient service to the community you serve.


We offer on-site mentoring, or interim leadership in all areas from CEO, CNO, director or manager level positions.  Our staff is experienced and able to effect rapid change and engage staff.

We have never partnered with an organization where the cost of our interim leadership has exceeded cost savings!

Innovations In Healthcare is the absolute leader in interim, effective leadership. Engagements are limited.


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