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Our philosophy. Is built on a focus to provide outstanding patient care.  It is focused on daily bedside care.  A working plan of care that truly focuses on the patients needs.  It may sound basic, but it is the single most element we find missing in hospitals across the country.

Case Management. A key provision in financial operations and a must for interdisciplinary plans of care.

Plan for the Day, Plan for the Stay TM.  A primary focused philosophy that engages with all disciplines.   A proven, cost effective model that consistently delivers.

Nursing Operations. From complete evaluation to details operations analysis.  No nursing stone left unturned.  Every Nurse, Every Patient, Every Day TM.

Nursing Leadership.  The key to nursing success is leadership.  It takes far more than a nursing degree and title.  It requires experience, mentoring and the ability to effect change and motivate staff.  The single biggest problem in hospitals today is not the economy.  It’s not hospital regulations.  It’s not poor payers, or high medicare populations, patients using the ED for a primary doctor, culture or any of the other excuses we constantly read about.  It is leadership.  It’s also our strongest asset.

Staffing. Hire on Personality and Train for Success TM.  A proven approach to staff management, FTE  and  position control.  The Power of Responsible Peers TM.  An interactive program to curtail nursing turnover and significantly enhance patient care.

Quality.  A dedicated program that delivers successful accreditation compliance.  A daily program that engages staff, sets accountability and transforms staff compliance. 

Tools Work.  Tools that enhance the delivery of care.  Our Call First™ program directs patients to appropriate care.  Our position controls and budget tools are easy to use and highly effective.

At Innovations we want your organization to succeed.  We deliver success by empowerment, expect great results and can turn your organization around.  Call today to see how we can partner to make your organization the absolute leader in patient care for your community.



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