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Every hospital has equal footing to sit at the top of patient expectations, yet few actually do so.  Ever wonder why it is so difficult to achieve the top percentile?  You’re not alone.  The good news is we can help.  We like to think different.  We like to think your organization has everything these other programs offer, but it’s hidden inside.  Call us today.  Our job is to bring it all out.  Together.

Quality initiatives only work when staff and leadership really get it.  If you want to raise customer service scores you have to do one simple thing.  Improve your customer service.  You can’t script your way to sustainable higher satisfaction numbers.  You have to deliver care in such a way that patients, families and visitors feel the change, and love it.

You have to engage people.  You don’t engage people to a program.

Our regulatory compliance program is a complete program to prepare your organization to meet inspections.  We engage your leadership, prepare work teams, create daily teams that create sustainable change.

We engage staff and Managers to round.  Not to round so numbers go up, and you can script to more people, and find out who’s not doing what.

We engage staff to round in the proper way, for the right reasons, and it’s not to see if we can raise scores.  We don’t require the Managers send a daily or weekly list of who they rounded to.  That’s demeaning and counterproductive.

What we will do is create a team that believes.  Believes in the benefit of engaging the patient everyday.  Believes in the empowerment of themselves.  Believes in results that come about, not because we told the patient we were “very good”, but because the customer told us.

It’s different.


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